A little bit about us…


I first came to Vietnam from Canada in January 1995, loved the place, and have spent most of my time here since then. I haven’t been outside VietNam since early 2000, and not yet been to Lao or Cambodia!

We looked for a very long time to find the right place. Finally, in October 2001, we purchased some land which is now the wonderous Jungle beach VietNam.

Myself, my Vietnamese family, and our team have been developing the place since then. From planting seeds and seedlings to building huts and furniture, we do all of the work right here on site. I am the architect, builder and furniture maker, as well as most things relating to guests.

Jungle beach is not a resort as resorts are known, it is home to me and my family, and it works as a family home does. All meals are family style, everyone eating together, sharing stories and travel tips.


The number 1 staff team:
Ugly, Mini, Spot, Stupid and Stupid – Our canine family!

Come Home to Jungle Beach !!