Relax in a hammock

There are hammocks at all rooms and some on the beach. We also have shade houses, shaded chairs and sun loungers on the beach.

Volleyball, Soccer, Frisbee and Pingpong are on at all times!


Bicycles & Motorcycles

We have free bicycles and motorcycles for rent that you can take along the 12km coastline road that runs behind Jungle Beach. It offers spectacular views and a picturesque little fishing village at the end of it, where you can buy great coffee and cold beer!

There are also the famous Salt Fields 25 kms away on small country roads.




Coastal & mountain adventure

Snorkeling can be done at the end of the beach and along the peninsula. There are numerous deserted beaches and rock outcrops to discover! Just a short walk from Jungle Beach are beautiful winter-occurring waterfalls with many cascades as you go up the mountain. There is also a trail going up the mountain that affords great photo opportunities.

We show you the way, you go play! And at times, you can have a guide lead you.


Nighttime on the beach

We have a cozy bonfire and you can swim with the glowing phosphorous (spring to fall, depending on weather conditions).

*We also have a portable music box to play our music or your music anytime in the common areas