By far the quietest and most relaxed beach in Vietnam

We’re not a fancy resort. Just a small place, a homestay, passed all the villages, near the tip of the peninsula…it’s very quiet and secluded.

We’re on a 6000 square meter piece of land, on the shore the clean, clear turquoise waters of the East sea/South China Sea.


Jungle-clad mountains surround the rear of the farm, offering great trekking opportunities with possible sightings of Douc Langurs and lorises, four types of eagles, many other birds, and even more butterflies.


Out front is a 3 km beach mostly to ourselves and the coastline to the south has no one living on it for 12 kms.


Hang out in hammocks on the beach, or get as active as you want: Snorkelling, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping Pong, Frisbee, or maybe a night swim with glowing phosphorus and an evening beach bonfire.